End of season wrap up...

After racing in 10 triathlon races this year and 2 mini marathon races my body told me that it was ready for a break. But on the other hand my mind was telling me to do one more race. Usually when triathlon season is over most triathletes train for a marathon, take time off, or keep up with the training. Myself on the other hand wanted to end the season with getting a PR in a mini marathon. As tired as I was though I knew that I would have to drop swimming and biking and just focus on running. The first week after Lake Lemon Tri I really kicked up the mileage in order to get ready for the race. This hurt extremely bad. I had never run more than maybe 24 miles in a week and this week my total miles were 42. Ouch! I also learned that doing track workouts is hard too doing 8x800 and trying to hold 3:00-3:10 is really hard.

Race day was October 22 in Cincinnati, OH. I was planning on doing the race by myself but about a week before I found out one of my friends that does triathlons was going to be there racing as well. This was good for me because we both are fast runners but he is just a little faster than me.

As the race started I looked down at my watch at mile 1 and it was 5:59 I knew I better slow it down or I was going to be toast by my six. The second half of the run was in the fog. I could see maybe 100ft infront of me. But I finally caught my friend around mile 9. I wanted to beat him so I started to push the pace. We ran nearly stride for stride for 2 miles and then things started to pick up. It turned into an all out sprint I was barely ahead of him all the way to the finish and he passed me right before crossing the line! My time was 1:23.17 it was a PR for me by 3 minutes. I was pumped! And I knew that I had given it everything I had out on the course because I could barely walk back to my hotel.

Things I also learned while training for this half marathon: DON'T drop biking and swimming because you will pay! Having riding my bike only one time between lake lemon and this half marathon really came back to get me on my training ride yesterday. But you live and learn!

Until next season I will be working my way back into normal training and getting ready for next season!

Thanks for reading