Strength and Sensibility

Here in 3 weeks, it's start of race season for Scott and I with the Carmel Sprint Tri. It will serve as a warmup and perhaps a wake up (hopefully not!) as to where our winter training has brought us.
Being stronger than last year is always the goal, and I think at least in certain areas, I've made some improvements. My approach has been eyed a little differently - more focus on olympic distance and shorter on the main front, and a sharper effort towards upping the bike fitness and really being able to legitimately ride under 60mins for 40k. Unless I find massive amounts of time on my hands, I think its a wise choice to forego the half ironman distance. Running 13.1 just isn't a productive course of action for me, especially if I want to hold up and stay successful toward the end of the season. 210lbs of luggage doesn't travel lightly and after chugging a 10k as fast as possible, I can feel the screws coming loose. Shorter runs for increased longevity and a whole lot of fun.
Second order of business is being a bit more sensible in choosing my races. On the roll is no or very little racing in July/most of August. If trends prove anything, (winter this season has been on average 4 degrees warmer), this time of the year will be a scorch, and heat racing doesn't put me in the mood. It's not so much the bike, but when the water's so warm I would like to bathe, and my breath on the run provides a personal sauna, I lose a generator and my A/C shuts off. I simply am not that great at racing when it's 90+.

Currently, I think my swim and bike are the best they've ever been. I can do 2 sets of 10x100 on 1:15 in the pool (working my way to 1:10) and my wattage in aero position is where my watts began Eddie Merckx style last fall. I am riding Scott's old Cervelo P2 which is heaps of fun and has a lot less give than the old Equinox.

This season's going to be a good ol' time. Happy to be in Bloomington and sharing another season of triathlon with my brother and all the great athletes in town!