21 Days of Running

I'm not a runner. At least, I wouldn't be picked from a line-up. But of the three sports, I enjoy running the most. Loco-moting solo with very little wind or other variables to worry of, every step being different, hearing myself breathe, focusing on form - dude, to me, running is hands up one of the most incredible feats a human can accomplish. Running is tough shit, too, especially if you're out of shape. Because it's such an intimate activity, you can come to fully understand how out of shape you, in fact, are with one 15 minute jog (or less, depending on how hard you go!). And, I think the best part is that you can't fake running fitness in a group setting. It's a little easier in cycling and swimming, but trying to have some fleet feet can make you look and feel like a spaz. I've been there. Didn't love it.

Currently my running phase involves 30 days of running 30 minutes minimum. Three weeks in, and just past the habit forming threshold, I'm feeling many things. Some of which I expected and other's I didn't. Of those:

1. Feeling quite a bit creakier at the 6a runs 3-weeks in compared to when I began. I now expect it, and wait for the moment (usually after 2 miles) where I feel my system has turned on all the lights and that which hides in the dark has scurried out. At that point, with the same effort as the opening miles, 7:30/mi on grass w/hills is no problemo.

2. Running with no intensity has done a few things. Namely, by running at a HR comfortably under my V-dot , it has dropped my aerobic pace probably by 20 sec/mi. So, what was at the beginning 8:40miles at HR-1 will probably be 8:20 miles when I test it again at that same HR. The concept of running slower to run faster is completely foreign to me, but after careful reading and consideration, I'm glad I've given it a chance.

3. Not having an off day has given me a kick in the ass. I'm beginning to approach rest much differently. Because I know I have no off days, I am more modest in my efforts elsewhere. This has led to consistency, frequency, and more exercise without feeling beat up. That to me is worth the patience and the ego check when I feel like going much faster.

4. I look forward to running more than I ever have before. I feel stronger and more resilient.

Previously, I would typically get 15-20mi/wk in going much faster. My propensity for injury was much higher, and in many cases, some of those runs set me back for days. With this phase, more miles=more fun=more fast....in the long run.

In all, I'm exercising some serious self control here. Terribly unusual for me.

Who knows, after this 30 days is up, I might continue to go for 100.

Thanks for reading!

Miles thus far:
Week1: 3.5hrs - 26.29mi
Week2: 4.5hrs - 29.9
Week3: 3.3hrs - 25.7mi