A little history

Since we probably should have started this a couple years back, we wanted to give you everything you needed to know about where we've been thus far.

I started tri's back in 2006 just before my sophomore year of college. It was a big deal then. Dad and I went to the Evansville YMCA race - a sprint- because that summer for rowing I had been doing more biking than ever, and when I came home after my freshman season we ran an 8-miler around the Winslow Outdoor track, something I'd never been able to do. I had been training swimming, so that was simply a bonus. On we went. I owned one pair of juuuunky bike shorts and was at least 220lbs. Anyway, I swam - second out of the water, beating eventual pro Nick Waninger by 2 sec. Biked - on an old piece of steel. All I remember is thinking the bigger a gear I crank the faster I might go, which was "awesome" for the run, which turned into a walk-fest and the highest HR of my life. I think I won my age group though - I found the trophy the other day!

Getting dragged down there was a lot like Scott's story. With Dad and I headed down to Tampa, FL to do the St. Anthony's Triathlon for the second time, he and Scott let me know that there was going to be an extra bike in the car. About 800 miles in, somewhere before we stopped for the night, I questioned what Scott was going to do while we raced. (Did he really bring all his stuff just to futz around with us the day before?) Unable to hold it in and let it pass with a casual "oh he'll just do the warmup with us the day before", Scott pretty much burst out that he was going to do the race with us. News to me. I'll never forget that race, that's for sure. In a time trial bike-run only race, Scott lost both water bottles on the bike, cramped on the run and came across the tape just a few ticks off of Dad's time. He ran 52 minutes then for 10k. Never again. Not even close.

Since then we both have compiled plenty of races. Our previous results are below:

Evansville YMCA Sprint Tri - 1st age group, 21st overall
5th Overall - Collegiate National Sprint Tri
5th - Age Group, St. Anthony's Tri, 187 of ~3600
3rd - Age Group, Terre Haute Tri, 25th Overall
5th Overall - Deer Creek Triathlon, Mt. Pleasant, OH
11th Overall - Indianapolis Sprint Tri
19th Overall - Caesar Creek Triathlon
2nd Overall - Kokomo Sprint Triathlon
1st - Age Group, Tri Indy, 15th Overall
90th place Undergraduate Triathlete in the Country
205th of 3700 - St. Anthony's Triathlon (Cancelled Swim!)
-Did not compete the rest of the summer. Went to Colorado to be a camping counselor! -
DNS St. Anthony's - Broken Elbow
3rd Age Group, 12th Overall - Terre Haute Triathlon
2nd Overall, Blacksnake Duathlon
3rd Overall - Columbus Challenge Triathlon
- Season setbacks of Broken Elbow, Turf Toe, and OCD Ankle Lesion Surgery - all super fun...
12th Age Group, St. Anthony's Triathlon - Flat tire/Wreck
5th Overall, Jasper Duathlon
1st Overall, Hoosierman Triathlon

9th Age Group, 985th Overall, St. Anthony's Triathlon (Cancelled Swim!)
4th Overall, Lake Lemon Triathlon
11th Overall, Boilerman Triathlon
29th Overall - Tri Indy
12th Overall - Columbus Challenge Triathlon
1st Age Group, 84th of 3800 Overall, St. Anthony's Triathlon
9th Overall, Terre Haute Triathlon
2nd Overall, Hoosierman Triathlon
3rd Overall, Leon's Fastest Triathlon
13th Age Group, 486th Overall - Buffalo Springs 70.3
1st Overall, Columbus Challenge Triathlon
1st Overall, S.W.A.T Olympic Triathlon
1st Overall, Lake Lemon Triathlon
5th Age Group - St. Anthony's Triathlon
3rd Overall - Jasper Duathlon

On the calendar this year are quite a few more races for the both of us. Scott is headed to Muncie 70.3, where as here this next weekend and the weekend after I'm doing two sprints. My initial goal for this season was to go to Age Group Nationals. It's not too difficult to qualify, but it's all the way in Vermont. Funds may be the issue.

Anyway, we're looking forward to posting some great results and having fun along the way. Thanks to everyone who supports us, but especially our parents and friends!