Tuesday Time Trial

I always enjoy these nights. I didn't always enjoy them, mostly because I was too intimidated or too mind blocked by my state of fatigue to face the music and put myself to the clock. But this year has been different. I still feel the pressure, but it's out of respect for the event, not fear.

Recently, Fred (Bike Garage manager) and I have been talking much more about pacing it. In fact, I'm trying to learn as much as I can from the guys at the shop seeing as how for 10 miles, on THAT course, 4 of 4 have PR's well into the 21 minute range, if not the 20's (Ryan - 20:38, Fred - 21: low, Erik - 21:low, and Ren-Jay at 21:mid). Prior to last time, I was rolling around at the 25 minute mark. Not gangsta.

I'll be straight with you - 24:01 for my time, which isn't too bad for me. Just 2 sec off my PR for two weeks ago, and considering I couldn't get my pedal in at the start and I felt like a deuce was coming for the last 4 miles...well, that's just it, a consideration. Nothing more. I'll have to figure out how not to let that happen again.

For an average speed, it's just at 25mph for 10 miles, which tells me exactly what kind of rider I am. I'm a heavy hitter. 205lbs is getting me nowhere on those hills. Kills my average. How do I know? I averaged almost 25mph for 24.6miles until I flatted in St. Pete. Flat as a pine pony course there.

Scott is beach bumming in NC Outer banks with his lady for the week, so no results on his part. I will say though, I'm right where I want to be. The stimulus changes here for the next two weeks in a row. More short, power focus things on the bike as I've had 12-15min intervals going for many weeks. I'll test myself this weekend in Indy for the first of their sprint series tri's at Eagle Creek. Last time I did one of these I was 11th overall. Ha. That was in 2008! I'd really like to be podium or you know, lay the hammer down for the win. 500m swim, 10mi bike, 5k run.

Looking forward to writing with some encouraging results!

As always, whatever your pleasure.