Muncie 70.3 - What you get for not training for the appropriate distance

About two weeks ago I got some Muncie fever. It's a half, it's flat, I'll go do it, see what happens. Dude, terrible choice. Ouch.

Looking back at my logs, I hadn't run more than 10 miles since early March. So, last week, I thought I should run 4mi morning session, with 5.5mi of intervals in the evening and then top it off with 11mi this past Saturday. I'll have you know, if you don't already, what sort of good that did me. None.

Muncie taught me a few lessons.
1. I can likely never eat shot blocks comboed with red bull to drink again. - About mile 35 of the bike, I was totally sugared out. Every time I'd sip my water-gatorade-Gu Brew-Red Bull concoction (which actually tastes damn good when you're not racing) I felt like I was gonna hurl. Reminds me of the time I had 14 scoops of Ice Cream at the Silver Dipper for Purdue Triathlon's Ice Cream eating contest. After about 4 scoops ice cream is no longer a delight. What did I have to eat? Shot blocks and Roctane. Dumpster - I didn't touch them after that. Water and plenty of it, if you please.

2. If I don't put the miles in consistently leading up to a race of this length, I'm gonna get crushed. - I usually go on 2-hour rides. At what point did I start to ride the struggle bus on the bike? 45mi marker. I usually go on hour runs. Run detonation time: ~1hr, or a little more than half way. I had 10+mi on the bike and 7mi on the run that were the longest of my life. That is no exaggeration. Especially for the latter.

3. The WTC still leaves something to be desired. - Sure, sweet race. But c'mon. I didn't even get a free water bottle. And also, starting 6 waves of 40 and olders before the 18-29 males in the swim? Someone is gonna and probably did get hurt.

4. If I'm to do another 70.3 I need: More miles on the legs, body glide on the shoulder of the side that I breathe on (tri-top rubbed my neck raw), real food on the bike (I'm thinking sandwich, olives, and beer), and sunscreen. Can't forget the sunscreen.

5. If you mess with your aerobar drink set up and try and try to pass someone out of the corner of your eye, you will surely go into the ditch and hit a pothole and go over your handlebars. Saw some guy do so today! Crazed happenstance!

All that said, I swam 29:31, Biked 2:25 (23.1avg), and ran a devastating 1:55 (8:51 pace). I'll take it. But I'll also take more sprints and olympics. I like speed.

Congratulations to everyone from Bloomington! Sue Aquila rocked the run, Scott went 4:44 as a big PR from Buffalo Springs Last year, and Brant Bahler - surprise of the day! 4:36 and did it looking on form. Bahler shot caller. Now that guy (and Sue) really put in the miles and they had the best performances on the day. No coincidence.

2 weeks until the next Indy Sprint.