Recovery and Reboot

Computer functions of the past (I guess - I no longer have a PC), and very relevant terms now after Muncie.

It's time to do a few things. Recover, Reboot, and Reconsider.

I took two full days off. Actually, almost three. Finally got in 30minutes straight of circuit core and leg work yesterday. And I'm slightly sore today which is ideal. Surprisingly I was sore only the day after Muncie. Subsequently, my motivation was sore on Monday and Tuesday until I acted.

Shanahan says that one of the Scott's (Molina or Tinley) used to say that he hated racing because it interfered with his training. I almost feel like that. While I love training, sometimes not training, or training less because of an ensuing race is worth it for the results I desire. In my first full year of triathlon I trained pretty much through every event. And, across the board, I had no improvement in my times and definitely a burnt feeling at the season's end. The interesting thing about recovery in the right dose is that it is just like turning the computer off (how many of us keep it on nearly all the time?)

Try this at home, only if you're someone who leaves the interwebs on all the time. Turn it off. I find that if I can do this with my computer or phone or training, I get a certain peace. No current plugged in to me or the wall. No connection. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem or absorb what you've learned from a race is to cut the cord. I don't think I do it enough. You probably don't either. Use the abstentia to reflect on what it is you got out of the training you did leading up to the race and where you can go again - maybe with a slightly altered direction. That's the reconsider part.

In retrospect, the half ironman was slightly anti-climactic. Longest race I've done by more than double. Rested up for it, it was there, kicked my ass and was done. What was all the fuss beforehand about? Why did I get nervous? I'm learning that there is no sense in getting nervous, for it didn't prepare me anymore so than if I weren't.

Run today and bike later. The outdoor pool is 88 degrees. Not swimming for a bit.

Thank heavens for ice. I'm not sure I would have made it at Muncie without.