Strikes and Gutters - Indy Sprint at Eagle Creek #2T

Ups and Downs.

The Strikes -

1. Recently I have managed to snag the consulting of two really great individuals regarding my strategy and training for tris. Tim Mickelborough and Dave Tanner. Two of the most accomplished - not that you need accomplishments behind advice, but nonetheless - individuals to be in the sport, and they are already two great friends; Dave being my swim coach in high school and the head coach, while I am the assistant at BHSN Swimming, and Tim being a fellow triathlete in town who I've talked with by the by. Really looking forward to using what they advise, and seeing how it works out. Very grateful to have them in town locally!

2. Dogs haven't really got to me in the past, but after keeping Evie, a little 5-month old lab mix for about 5 weeks, I sadly had to give her away. She was the sweetest dog I've come across to date and the perfect fit for me, save for my allergies to her. Sad to give her away, but she's with another triathlon couple and their two kids. And now my breathing is slowly on the mend.

3. I've been feeling pretty fit lately. Swimming more than I usually do, and getting back to my pre-St. Anthony's training schedule, which as it were, suited me best, and had me at the best I've been this year on the bike. And recently with two track sessions, I'm feeling much better about my run. The training changes are per Dave and Tim, so mentally I feel like I'm no longer treading water. Scott has added a coach to his training as well, so maybe he'll give you some details.

The Gutters -

1. Eagle Creek Tri #2 - would prefer to erase this one from the memory, but more was learned than lost. Compared to my first Eagle Creek outing, I went from 3rd to 30th. Wanted to keep going to wanting to quit. Bliss to blunder. A few things didn't work out right, but it's safe to call it a poor day at the track and leave it as it was.

In other news, the rest of the tri season looks like this:
Aug. 6 - Columbus Challenge Triathlon - good memories from this one last year. Got 3rd right before I was basically bed ridden for 11 weeks post surgery which took place the next day.
Aug. 7 - Monrovia TT. The morning after a friend's wedding I've got my best chance at going <1hr for 40k. Tentative
Aug. 17-23 - Trip to Burlington, VT for Age Group Nationals - A-RACE
Sept. 24 - Boilerman - never have done this race despite helping put it on as a senior member of the Tri-Club there. Looking to do really well.
Oct. 8 - Long Course Nationals - my second half. Myrtle Beach for the locale makes it super tempting.

And there you have it. We need to get some pictures up!