Tri Indy along with New Training

In preparation for the Hy-Vee championship race that I will be doing in September I decided to do Tri Indy to see where I am at with my new training schedule that my coach has been having me do! This race is pretty awesome. The swim is in the canal that works it's way through downtown Indianapolis and it draws a lot of good competition.

The positives:

I have had a PR on my run split the last two races I have done. Running 4-5 times a week along with doing brick workouts has made it easier to get off the bike and really hit the run hard.

My swim felt awesome today. My stroke felt smoother and I felt like I wasn't horsing it the entire time.

Out on the bike it has been easier to really hammer it longer. The reason for this is that in training rides coach Ben has been having me do 2x15 mins race pace or 3x10 mins race pace. Doing this while training helps my body to get used to going really hard for long periods of time not just on race day.

The bad:

I need to eat more of bike for energy. I wasn't lacking energy, but I feel like it may help. Just something to think about.

Last but not least. I need to carry spare tire stuff during races. I got a flat tire at about mile 19 and ran for nearly 35 minutes with my bike. It sounded like a horse coming down the street because of my bike shoes. Luckily with about 2 miles to go somebody from T3 multisport gave me a spare and a Co2 pump. I have always told myself that if I got a flat I would drop out but today was the first time it actually happened and I knew that if I didn't complete the race I would have let myself down and I think when you do that it makes you think its OK to give up, when really it only makes you stronger.

Even with my flat tire and running down the street with my bike I still finished in 2:27.26 which isn't bad at all.